You're cruising around Rockland, Hingham, and Scituate, Massachusetts, without a care in the world. Suddenly, a change oil message or oil service light flashes across your dashboard. It's time for an oil change near you, but where will you turn to for service?

At Ira Volvo South Shore, we're more than happy to handle all your oil change services. With certified technicians on staff, we'll make changing oil a breeze so you can return to the road with your engine at peak performance!

Get a Fast Oil Change

At our certified service center, all our technicians are highly trained and experienced. We service all makes and models, too, so whether you drive a Volvo or any other vehicle, our experts have your back when it comes to this essential service.

Here's what we'll do when you bring your car in for an oil change:

  • Drain the old oil and examine said oil for color, particulates, and viscosity.
  • Swap out the old oil filter for a new one.
  • Replenish the engine with fresh oil.
  • Reset the oil change indicator, if applicable.

For your Volvo, we use manufacturer-approved synthetic oil so your car performs as the factory intended. You can always count on quality when you choose service with us!


Signs You Need an Oil Change

As we mentioned above, dashboard warning messages and lights are the most obvious way to know it's time for an oil change. But sometimes, it's not so obvious when you need to change your engine oil. What are some other signs you should watch for?

Here are some of the most common signs you need an oil change:

  • Dark exhaust smoke from the tailpipe. Clear smoke on occasion is normal, but if the exhaust is visible and dark, you may have oil leaking into your exhaust system.
  • Engine knocking and rumbling. Engine oil keeps the metal parts inside your engine running smoothly. If the oil isn't fresh, there may be friction and noise.
  • Oil dipstick check. You can check your engine oil yourself! Use the dipstick. Fresh oil is amber in color, but oil past its prime will appear dark brown or black.  

Where Can I Get an Oil Change near Me?

For an oil change near Rockland, Hingham, and Scituate, MA, choose the service center here at Ira Volvo South Shore. Our diligent technicians will handle all your oil services as well as any other services you may need, from tire rotations to brake pad replacements. 

Oil changes are essential to the health of your engine. Schedule your service appointment online today!

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